Spring summer 2021 collection


to be shared with loved ones

Cozy Up and Stay Awhile

Our Essential Throw Blankets are meticulously designed to serve multiple purposes within your hosting repertoire. Whether incorporated into your tablescape for a unique dining experience or provided as an added level of warmth for guest comfort, our Essential Throws inspire loved ones to cozy up and stay awhile.

Ignite the Senses

Cast a warm glow and draw loved ones near with our hand-dipped 12 Inch Taper Candles. Allow the soft hues to bring out the shades of the season, while adding visual interest and dimension with their elegant design.


At APIARY, our mission is to help you transform from an unfulfilled homemaker to a relaxed and present one so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with those who matter most. Our Collection includes the tools and resources essential for creating meaningful moments while spending quality time together.

A Memorial Day Tablescape Designed for a Slow-Down Gathering

Memorial Day will always be associated with Florida’s intercoastal for us. As kids, we piled into the car and headed to Mimi’s house on the shore, excited for what we knew would be a special day. There, we were always greeted with a big spread of delicious food and a whole lot of family. Our grandparents, aunts and uncles, and great-grandparents welcomed us with big hugs and smiles. And, of course, it’s hard not to think of all the blue hues on Memorial Day: the big blue sky, telling us it’s almost summer; the sparkling blue of the intercoastal, inviting us into the warm, clear water. We happily took it all in as we set out in the boat headed to Merritt Island, wishing time would slow down so this day would last forever.

A Mother's Day Tablescape Made with Love

While the journey of The Busy Bee has grown and evolved over the years, we know where it all started: our grandmothers. Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and we’ve been reflecting on how blessed we are to have Mimi and Nana in our lives, constantly being an example of how to embrace family and friends with open arms and hearts. They’re the inspiration for our #hostfulhacks that show easy ways to make hosting and entertaining simple and doable. And, importantly, they’ve shown us how to be present and balanced hostesses, who feel a sense of ease as we open our doors to loved ones.