Assorted Antique Gold, Copper and Silver Glass Ball Ornaments - Set of 30

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Introducing our Assorted Antique Gold, Copper, and Silver Glass Ball Ornaments - a captivating set of 30 holiday treasures. Each ornament, with a 1" diameter, is beautifully crafted with intricate embossed designs and finished in antique gold, copper, and silver hues. These ornaments exude a sense of timeless charm, making them the perfect addition to your holiday decor. Hang them on your tree, garlands, or wreaths to create a harmonious and festive atmosphere. This boxed set of 30 ornaments ensures you have a diverse selection to adorn your home with a touch of antique-inspired elegance, adding a radiant shimmer to your holiday celebrations.

*Ribbon not included.


  • Christmas Tree Decor: Hang the Assorted Antique Gold, Copper, and Silver Glass Ball Ornaments on your Christmas tree to create a stunning and diverse holiday display.
  • Wreath Embellishment: Adorn your holiday wreaths with these ornaments, adding a touch of shimmer and sophistication to your front door decor.
  • Table Centerpiece: Fill a decorative bowl or vase with these ornaments to create a stunning and festive table centerpiece for your holiday gatherings.
  • Gift Toppers: Use the ornaments as unique and elegant gift toppers, securing them to gift-wrapped packages with a ribbon for an extra special touch.
  • Year-Round Decor: Beyond the holidays, incorporate these ornaments into your year-round home decor by placing them in decorative bowls or vases, adding a touch of metallic elegance to your living space.


Material: Glass

Color/Finish: Gold, Brown and Silver

Dimensions: 1”

Set Size: 30


To ensure the lasting beauty of your Assorted Antique Gold, Copper, and Silver Glass Ball Ornaments, please follow these care guidelines:

  • Handle with Care: When hanging or handling the ornaments, do so gently to prevent breakage. Avoid dropping them onto hard surfaces.
  • Storage: Store the ornaments in their original packaging or in a protective container to prevent scratching, chipping, or damage during storage.
  • Avoid Moisture: Keep the ornaments dry and away from excessive moisture, as it may affect the metallic finishes.
  • Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect the ornaments for any signs of damage, such as cracks or loose parts, and replace or repair as needed to maintain their integrity.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Store the ornaments away from direct sunlight, as this can lead to fading of the metallic finishes over time.

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