Dried Natural Buddha Nut - 3 Pieces



Native to Tropical Asia, particularly India, the Pterygota Alata or Buddha Coconut tree is known for its fluffy fruits. When the fruits dry naturally, they become hard as wood, making them ideal for long-lasting arrangements and statement pieces.  Incorporate our Dried Natural Buddha Nut into your seasonal tablescape or home decor to create visual interest. Group them together in a shallow bowl or decorative vessel for a dimensional look.



*Recommended for indoor use as these natural pieces can be affected by moisture, humidity, high heat, and direct sunlight

  • tablescape decor
  • sideboard decor
  • entryway table decor
  • coffee table decor
  • bedroom decor
  • built-in or bookcase decor
  • buffet accent
  • bathroom decor
  • kitchen decor
  • office decor



Material: Naturally dried Buddha Nut

Color/Finish: Natural

Dimensions: Approximately 4”H



Carefully dust with a feather duster or wipe clean with a soft cloth.