Heirloom Kringle & Co. Keepsake Boxes - Set of 2

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Introducing our Heirloom Kringle & Co. Keepsake Boxes, a set of two exquisitely crafted storage solutions designed to protect and display your most treasured possessions. These elegantly designed boxes blend timeless sophistication with a touch of festive charm, making them the perfect heirloom-quality pieces to pass down through generations. Ideal for preserving mementos, jewelry, or cherished holiday keepsakes, these keepsake boxes combine tradition and elegance to create a lasting legacy for your family. Elevate your home decor and safeguard your most precious items with the Heirloom Kringle & Co. Keepsake Boxes, where craftsmanship and holiday spirit come together in a meaningful way.


  1. Preserve Family Heirlooms: Safely store and display family heirlooms, such as antique jewelry, vintage photographs, or special letters, passing down the tradition from one generation to the next.

  2. Holiday Keepsakes: Store cherished holiday ornaments, figurines, or decorations that hold sentimental value and bring them out each holiday season to create a magical atmosphere.

  3. Jewelry Storage: Use the keepsake boxes to organize and safeguard valuable jewelry, ensuring that your precious pieces are protected and easily accessible.

  4. Memory Boxes: Create memory boxes for each family member, where you can store tokens and mementos from important life events like graduations, weddings, or milestone birthdays.

  5. Display and Decor: Use the keepsake boxes as decorative accents in your living room, bedroom, or entryway, showcasing them as elegant and meaningful decor items on shelves or tabletops.


Material: MDF Board and Canvas

Color/Finish: Ivory and Red

Dimensions: 10-1/4"L x 6-3/4"W & 8-1/4"L x 5"W

Set Size: 2


To ensure your Heirloom Kringle & Co. Keepsake Boxes remain in impeccable condition, follow these care instructions:

  1. Dust Regularly: Gently dust the boxes with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to prevent dust and dirt buildup. Regular dusting will help maintain their appearance.
  2. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep the keepsake boxes out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and discoloration. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can harm the finish and any delicate decorative elements.
  3. Handle with Clean Hands: When opening or handling the boxes, ensure your hands are clean and dry to prevent the transfer of oils and dirt, which can soil the surface.
  4. Storage: When not in use, store the boxes in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperature fluctuations. Consider placing them in a protective covering to prevent scratches or damage when not on display.
  5. Avoid Humidity: Protect the boxes from excessive humidity, as it may lead to warping or damage to any delicate materials, such as fabric linings or decorative elements.

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